Thursday, February 16, 2006

Member Profiles

Name: Brenda Sallee

Position: Club Advisor

Brenda is the Head Advisor in the College of Business. She started juggling in the spring of 2004 when she met her boyfriend (now husband), David (who is a very good juggler and one of the OSU Jugglers instructors). Although she doesn't have much time to practice, she does enjoy watching and trying to improve her skills when she can. She has been learning quickly and had her first solo performances in 2009's Bard in the Quad pre-shows. In 2010, Brenda and David put together a "Duo Routine" and are performing it at this year's Bard in the Quad productions.

Name: David Sallee

Position: Instructor

David enjoys ghostbusting in his spare time. Pictured above, David is wrestling a giant pink anaconda ghost into a ghost trap for temporary holding.

Name: "Crizzly"
Position: Instructor

Juggling helps Crizzly manage his social anxiety disorder.


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