Tuesday, May 16, 2006

U of O Juggling Club Visit

Ed, Crizzly, Garrett and myself decided to go on a road trip to visit UO.

After parking a couple miles away from the meeting, so no one would recognize us as "Jugglers", we lugged our stuff to the meeting location.

We were spotted pretty quickly and did some passing on the lawn with the president of their group.

Wasn't too long before we moved indoors.

They have a nice gym area, and a lot of very nice people in the club.

The majority are at a club passing level, and we got to see a nice 5 person pattern that actually remained rather stable :-)

Crizzly and I passed clubs with an older gentleman (one that Crizzly recognized from "the old days" when he used to attend the Eugene group) and got a chance to do some ultimate (passing with both hands) passing.

Which reminds me, Crizzly, we need to work on the triple single every other pattern (where you throw triple self tosses) sometime!

Their group is pretty good sized (about a dozen) and quite diverse in experience and prop choices.

Not a whole lot of high end numbers people, or site swap fanatics.

While Crizzly participated in a large passing pattern, Garrett and I passed clubs for a bit.

I then did some numbers work with Ed's Sports bags. Got a pretty good reaction from the people watching :-)

Towards the end of the night, I was asked by Nate if I wanted to pass clubs. I was a bit tired, but it's tough to turn down an offer to pass clubs . . . heh heh.

Turned out, Nate is their best passer, so he started busting out all sorts of cool passing tricks. I blasted out a few of my own and did my best to catch whatever was coming my way :-)

It was a great way to end the night.

Since I had to work the next morning (and still had a bit of a drive ahead of me) I declined on their offer to get beer and pizza. Would have loved to have stayed and done some more juggling talk, but I really needed to get home.

All in all, VERY worth while trip. We're hoping that we can talk them into coming up on a Thursday at some point and joining us.

I'm certainly glad that we went and would very much enjoy going there again!



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