Friday, July 14, 2006

IJA Glow Show - Tuesday July 18th

Just a post to let people know I'll be appearing in the "Tricks of Light" show at the IJA convention in Portland.

I'll be doing a "Stickman" performance (Officially Stickman 4.0).

Details can be found at the following location:

I even get a credit listing . . . heh heh.

Show is in the convention center on the main stage.

It starts at 8 pm and doors open at 7:30 pm.

I'll be going up early in the day, so I'll be unavailable to drive people up. I would suggest carpooling though. I can bring people back if they want to stay for the "cast party" (a dark room where you can play with various props, which is open after the show)

The entire show will be filmed, so I'll have access to that at some point (or at least I should since they have recruited my camera to do the filming :-)

The show should be a lot of fun, so I hope it goes well and people are able to make it.

See ya there, or catch it on video afterwards!



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