Thursday, July 06, 2006

New Thursday plans: River Rhythms is HERE! :-)

What is it you might be asking? Well, I'll tell ya!
It's Albany's free concert series in the park.

More info can be seen here:

It starts tonight (regular club meeting night). I highly recommend making Thursdays be "Field Trip" night.

Last year was a total blast.

In one concert (this one time . . . at concert camp . . ), Crizzly and Dave were asked, yes ASKED, to join the band onstage and do some juggling.

Probably helped that it was a celtic band and Crizzly was in his Kilt. They got a great response from the band and the crowd and even got a CD for their "work" . . . heh heh.

Tonight's music is Latin, so it really should be good for getting a nice juggling groove on.

Note: This is not a "show". We just go, throw things around and have a good time. Like a regular club meeting only with live music.

Typically, we take up a position to the left side of the stage and slightly behind it. We get a lot of foot traffic, and plenty of requests of "can I try that?".

Music starts around 7, booths open up at 5. Concerts typically run until 8:30pm, so it doesn't make for too late of a night.

See as many of ya as can make it tonight!


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