Saturday, August 12, 2006

Romeo & Juliet 3

Show 3 - August 11th

Ed and I met early to go over the results of the last show.

Decided to have the show go as follows . . .

Start with some Diabolo work
Move into Ed's 1, 2, 3 ball work
Do some 3 ball steals / passing (Every other & Every)
I would do some 4 and 5 ball tricks
Move on to club passing.
Finish with some 7 club passing.

This time we set up the music early and Ed had the great idea that we should play some music as the people were coming in. There was a perfect section for that on the iPod. Really got people comfortable and in the mood for the show. They did the same "let people in at 7:15" again. We decided to start the show at 7:25 this time.

Ed did the introduction and away we went.

Things went pretty well. I had a lot more drops than I would have liked in the 4 ball / 5 ball section, but it still went fine. I'll blame the lack of experience using Ed's beanbags ;-) I'll get some more practice in before the next show. Probably will just use the same sort of routine that I had planned for Stickman.

We finished the "numbers" trick section with a 5 ball steal. Was pretty cool.

There was a LOT of wind for the club section, yet somehow we managed to do the 7 clubs without any drops. Way to go Ed!!! :-)

Crowd was a lot of fun, and we decided that we should use two collection devices (Ed's infamous hat and my suitcase . . . heh heh) to gather up the money.

I am still rather amazed that people actually give money, but I do my best to smile and say "Thank you", as I am rather grateful for whatever they toss into the suitcase :-)

Show was right around 18 - 20 minutes again. The sound system worked great!

Take: $87

Grand Total: $197



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