Sunday, August 13, 2006

Romeo & Juliet 4

Show 4 - August 12th

We had an excellent show. Things keep getting better :-)

This time we were joined by Crizzly, so we added in a section of three people passing (Outside Triangle / Feed).

Was very nice that there wasn't ANY WIND this time!! Woo hoo!!!

Plus, it helped quite a bit that I had a chance to work with the performance beanbags before using them in the show. The 4 ball routine section went very well, and the 5 ball had a few drops, but came out pretty well too.

Since Crizzly was there, we decided to do the 5 ball steal between him and me (David). His pattern is getting so solid that it was very easy to do the steals.

Brenda filmed the show, so I'll see what I can do to eventually get a video put together of our performances.

We stayed for the actual play this time, and it was amazing! Really great use of the MU as a "set" and well done by everyone.

Got an opportunity to talk to the director after the show and he's really happy with us doing the warm-up. Has had several calls and they keep getting larger groups watching the performance. Will be doing the "Shakes" Speare routine to start the show on Wednesday and Thursday. Then I'll just have to hear about how the rest of the shows go as I have some other things to attend to.

Even got a chance to talk to the Tech from the first show, and he apologized if he came across as not overly nice on our first show. He was just really stressed about the performance and the last thing a tech wants to get is a "surprise change" at the last moment. Having seen what we do now, he understands why we really would have liked to have had access to power on the first show.

So, it's all good and we have exceeded any of our expectations about using this as a club fund raiser.

Oh yeah, it was our first time breaking the $100 mark :-)

Take: $107

Grand Total: $305



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