Thursday, August 17, 2006

Romeo & Juliet 5

Show 5 - August 16


This show wasn't quite as smooth as we would have liked, but still a lot of fun.

First off the wind was back (oh joy). Second we had some tech issues from the CD player (OF COURSE the issues had to show up during the show and NOT during the warm-up music time).

Another thing we noticed was that they didn't hold back the seating like they usually do. So when we got over there to set things up at 7pm, there was already a crowd.

Guess we can set up a bit earlier :-)

I did my Billy "Shakes" Speare routine. In full costume of course . . . heh heh.

It went fairly well. No drops (not like that's tough with the routine) and got the applause / laughs at the correct places. Will have to make sure I keep addressing the crowd though, rather than turning as much as I do when I pace during the performance.

I then did the Diabolo in costume. It wasn't too difficult, but I did have a drop that I used as an excuse to finish the routine early.

Perhaps that drop set the tone for parts of the rest of the show.

I'd say we struggled a bit. Drops abounded, but we managed fine.

The CD messing up certainly threw some things off. I think the first time it happened was during Ed and I doing slow steals with stageballs. It started getting skippy for no reason, and would not get past that point.

Happened again when Crizzly and I were passing clubs. We made a comedy bit out of it (which will have to go into the show bloopers section . . . heh heh).

Had several drops during the 4 ball stuff, but I did get a few good runs with 5 balls (6x,4) and 744 (cold starts, short runs, clean finishes) so I was happy to get those on tape for the show.

Even had several drops during the 3 club tricks.

The crowd was good though and we still did pretty well with the passing of the hat.

Take: $79

Grand Total: $384



At 8/17/2006 03:04:00 PM, Blogger Ed Provencher said...

Dave stood too close to the crowd at some points and a bit of his 3 club and 4-5 ball stuff didn't get recorded.


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