Friday, September 29, 2006

First Corvallis Close-up PNWJC Promo Video - Live!

Finished editing the video last evening. Uploaded
last night at American Dream :-)

Didn't think it would be live yet, but it's up and

Has had 4 (now 5 as I watched it) views, with one
person giving it 5 stars :-) Odd that 4 people
watched it before I could even check to see if it was
live. How do people find this stuff? . . . heh heh.

Take a look at it, see if you think it's what we're
looking for in style and composition. Also if people
have suggestions as to topics for the close-ups, let
me know.

link to video on google
(or see the bottom of this post --Crizzly)

Some topics I have been thinking about:

The People of Corvallis - Focus on our local
individuals and the City's Love for Jugglers (I've
soooooo got a clip to end on for that :-)

The Food of Corvallis - Want to hold off on that a bit
until we see about getting interested merchants.

Cool Spaces - Juggling spots that look nice - feature
the McA Fieldhouse and the Theater (when we know which
one that would be :-)

My minimal goal is to do a new one each month leading
up to the Convention. More if we come up with
interesting topics.

So, talk, share, spread the word!

All of the credit for the end credits goes to Crizzly.
The framing and concept were really really well done.

I'm excited about it and looking forward to doing





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