Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The new Corvallis Closeup is Live!

Good news everyone.

The second installment in the Corvallis Close-up
series is finished and live on Google.

This time's installment covers some interesting places
to juggle in the city.

For the Uber geeks, the GPS coordinates are included.

For those that missed the first one, here's the link
for Corvallis Close-up "Juggling Artwork".

For those that wish to skip to the second one . . .

Here's the link.
(or see the bottom of this post --Crizzly)

I'm still trying to get the mic for the voice over
figured out. It's a bit better this time, but could
still be improved.

Credits look great (thanks Crizzly) and the entire
process has been a lot of fun to put together. Brenda
and my Dad did really nice camerawork, and the
locations were a lot of fun to scout out (especially
Reser Stadium - thanks Kate!)

Local feedback is good to get as well, so if people
have comments, suggestions, inspirations, or requests,
feel free to let me know! :-)

I now return you to your regular scheduled

David Sallee



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