Friday, December 15, 2006

Winter break....

As you no doubt noticed by the calendar above, we have no more juggling meetings this year [building closures = no place to juggle]. I recommend showing up at the Corvallis club on the 18th if you desire and are still in the area. Of course, if you have a place you'd like to meet, or if the weather suddenly turns to a dry 65F one day, you can always post to the mailing list a "hey, come join me at ..."! :D

Hope everyone has a safe break... careful driving and such! --Crizzly


At 1/02/2007 08:45:00 AM, Blogger David Sallee said...

Looking forward to the new year meeting on the 4th!

Hope everyone had a good New Year and let's make this year the best yet for juggling and jugglers everywhere!


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