Monday, January 22, 2007

Corvallis Close-up #3


The third installment of the PNWJC - Corvallis
Close-up series - "Juggling Community", is now "live"
on Google.

This video focuses on the groups and key individuals
that are putting forth great efforts to host the

Well, plus a nod to the people that really enjoy
juggling shows :-)

And a subtle reference to the cost of the convention
to the attending individuals.

Here's the link.
(or see the bottom of this post --Crizzly)

One of the things I notice is that I refer to the
Corvallis Juggling & Unicycling group as the "One
Wheeled Wonders".

I can change that to "One Wheel Wonders" or "Corvallis
Juggling & Unicycling Group" if you'd like. Sure it
means editing the original movie, re-rendering the
film, deleting the current one, uploading the new one,
and making a couple of other changes, but hey, I'll do
it :-)

I do like the way this one came out. As usual, it was
a lot of fun to put together. I think it has a bit
less "cheese" than the first one (despite the "picture
in picture" tool discovery that I made) but it gets
some shout outs and at least establishes the fact that
there are waaaaaaaaaaay more than just one juggler in
Corvallis :-)

We're down to a bit over 60 days left, so I see time
for perhaps 2 more Close-ups.

I'd still like to do a Juggling Restaurants video, and
am open to suggestions for other video(s).

If we want more, then we'll need to step up the
shooting schedule / release dates.

Anyway, enjoy, and Ed, if you'd like to do the honors
of posting to the shark tank, that would be great!

Oh, for those that like to keep score:

"Juggling Art" - 1161 views (40 Downloads)
"Juggling Locations" - 747 views (147 Downloads)
"Juggling Community" - 0 views (0 Downloads)

I know I'm responsible for two downloads (great way to
get them on the iPod :-) but for the life of me I
can't think as to why people would download these

Anyway, enjoy and I'll see a few of you at juggling




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