Thursday, July 26, 2007

Much Ado #2

Got there nice and early and went through the show a few times.

Did get the sound hooked up so that was a nice bonus :-)

Started the show at 6:25 - and was done by 6:41 with the show portion, with collecting until 6:45.

Music certainly helped keep the show going. The crowd was a lot smaller than opening night's, but we had a lot more fun and were more relaxed for the show.

Our next improvement will be to use Comstock's sound system and Mic so our "Host" can be heard a bit better.

The position of the sun makes things a bit tricky. We had to back up quite a ways in order to do the basketball routine, and passing 7 balls at the first routine was pretty much impossible with the sun.

My juggling wasn't as good as I would have liked it, but I was just happy to have sound, so I wasn't bothered by the drops . . . heh heh.

Our "take" was about the same as the previous night. So, we're a bit more behind last year's pace, but every bit helps for the club, so we'll keep making improvements and see what happens.



Show Collection:

$48.52 (Total $89.77)

Friday's show should be a good one. We're going to film it and hopefully will have something up soon so those of you that want to see how it's going can check it out. Unless things go terribly wrong, and then you'll never get to see ;-)

Saturday and Sunday's shows will be Crizzly and Comstock, so we're going to get together early on Friday and sort through what a two person show is going to be like.

David Sallee



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