Saturday, July 28, 2007

Much Ado #4

Crizzly andComstock met up early to go over some new stuff for the show, as Dave wasn't going to be there today nor tomorrow.

Got some good practice in and plotted a few extras -- "what? got drunk after the luau? hasn't shown up yet? well...I guess I've seen the act enough times - I guess I'll try it myself tonite".

Crowd was great, and thankfully played along... eventually our act got disheveled by the sprinklers coming on (heckler pointed out), and we were laughing too hard to really continue well... We did our best, but crowd reactions got less and less as the show went on.

The basketball routine was a pain for me, but didn't go too badly overall... somehow we wound up off time as we came out to pass as the song ended (phew!!).

Clubs went fine overall... sure, plenty of drops, but somehow our 7 club run went stellar (we lost track of song yet again, so kept running it thinking it was about to end...eventually we bailed after a drop).

Surprisingly (well, to me), we managed to get $46.14 in the hat/ammo can... Total is now $215.52



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