Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A much a deja vu!

Yes, the first show for the Shakespeare Much Ado about Nothing performance was tonight.

If you recall last year's first show, we were without music due to a technical error about not being able to have a power outlet provided.

This time . . . they had a soundboard for us, and I had created a playlist and an audio script to make things easier.

Went over the script with the sound people, and things were pretty well set.

Of course it was also their first show, so there were issues for them too :-)

Things just never quite go the way you plan.

They were scrambling to get the show set up, so wound up getting people in for seating a bit late.

We were shooting for going on at 6:20, but wound up getting started at 6:30, which is fine, as we have a 15 show in mind :-)

Crizzly goes out and starts things up.

I came out, did my "hula" trick and then gave the audio guy the cue.

Nothing . . . .

Crizzly makes a joke about the band, and we set again . . .

More Nothing . . .

So, since it appeared that there wasn't going to be music for the first routine, I went into some 3, 4, 5, and 6 ball juggling. Finished by having the audience vote on if they wanted to see 1 person juggle 7, or TWO people juggle 7. For some odd reason, they wanted to see 1 person juggle seven . . . heh heh.

Decided to show them both. Did a bit of 7 ball juggling (not sure if it was even a qual) and then did some 7 ball ultimate passing with Crizzly.

We went on to the Military routine (thankfully it doesn't have music anyway) and that went pretty well.

At that point, it was getting a bit late for our show (we were at 10 minutes already and still had about 8 minutes of material left) so I decided that we needed to skip the basketball routine (still no music) and go straight into club passing.

Did that for a bit and then had Crizzly give a "USO / OSU" Talk and the pass the hat info.

The three of us wandered around with collection baskets (or ammo holder . . . heh heh) and collected what we could.

We're actually a bit behind last year's pace . . . but not too bad.

All things considered, it was a pretty bad show, but we did the best we could with what we could do.

Things of course will go better tomorrow. Crizzly and Comstock will get to the sound guy around 5pm and we will find a way to get the sound going. Additionally, Crizzly really needs a mic, so we'll see if we can get that going as well.

Show #1


Crizzly, Comstock, David

Donations: $41.25 (Last year $43)

All of us have Friday available as a bit of a free day, so we're going to meet up well before the show and go through a few more things. Especially since Crizzly and Comstock will be handling the Saturday and Sunday shows on their own.

I will say that I did look spiffy in my outfit :-D

Crizzly's Pink Camo is rather interesting to look at, and I'm really interested to see how Comstock's "reveal" is going to go.

Tune in tomorrow for another update!

Your juggling reporter in the field . . .

David Sallee



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