Friday, July 27, 2007

Muchly Ado #3

Crizzly, Comstock and I met up early to go over some new stuff for the show.

Got some good practice in and plotted a few extras.

Got it filmed this time as well!

Show, as expected, keeps getting a bit better as we're more comfortable with the routines and such.

Added some three person three club interactions and that went well too.

Not too many drops, and other than a bit of a rough start with the music (ok, who kicked the cord? ;-) the sound went quite smoothly.

Crowd was far more into it this time as well, so that's always encouraging.

Special thanks to Ed, even though you're not here, we did use your "Hat Line" from last year, as it always gets a good response!

So, things are going great!

Crizzly and Comstock will be tackling the shows over the weekend. I'll catch up with them on Monday and see how it all went. I'm sure they will do great and I look forward to getting good reports from the shows!

Show #3:


Hat Money:

$79.61 - Total ($169.38)

Also, Brenda was kind enough to film the show, so I'll see if I can put something together at some point . . . you know . . . kind of like last year . . .

Oh yeah . . . maybe I should do last year's first.

I do plan on getting a few more filming sessions in (probably Friday of next week, Saturday and maybe even Sunday). Thus far, this was the best of the shows to film, so I should be able to pull out some highlights. Would be nice to get the beanbag routine with the acutal music rather than a bunch of improv to start it out. Nice to have some outtakes though (and boy do I have them).

David Sallee



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