Thursday, August 02, 2007

Much Ado #6

Performers: Dave, Chris, Crizzly

Crowd was very very noisy, and only about 1/3 of the crowd was engaged (altho that did include folks all the way to the back row, so it wasn't like they just couldn't hear us - just alot of the crowd were actively trying to have their dinner/drink converstaions over us talking). Dave and Chris think we should use a mic and just drown out the audience with our talking and music.

Speaking of which, our music starter guy wasn't present when we started, so we had to run and start it up ourselves. Dave feels destined to never have the music work perfect for any of his acts. :)

The rest of the show went reasonably well despite the crowd. The club passing wasn't our smoothest, but another run thru the act should get everyone back on the same page (the 'weekend' effected our momentum I suspect). Dave and Chris' basketball shtick went very smoothe, as typical now - congrats there; it's not an easy sequence. :)

Passing the hat: only got $37.47 tonight....but we all have hopes for the typical "good" weekend crowds. :)
Running Total: $314.99



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