Saturday, August 04, 2007

Much Ado #9

Tonight was the most fun that I have had at the show (thus far of course :-)

Another awesome crowd, full of energy and excitement.

Plus we were still pretty happy about last night's performance, so we kept things rolling.

Comstock went out, did the intro, and then Crizzly wandered out. Just in time to be buzzed by a vintage WWII plane.

Was a very nice looking plane and we got a little bit of it on Camera (I think :-)

Sort of stalled the show for a bit, as the crowd enjoyed the flyover.

Once the plane had departed, we got back on track and the show continued.

Had a couple of drops during the beanbag routine, but finished with a very strong 7 ball juggle to a clean collect. Was super stoked and the crowd was pretty happy with it as well.

Moved onto the basketballs and we actually ran into a bit of trouble there.

The balls were a tad more inflated than we were used to, so a bit more bouncy and a bit more difficult to work with. So, more drops, or bounces, or chases as the case may be . . . heh heh.

The club routine keeps getting a bit better and a bit more smooth. So, we're all having more fun with the show and it . . . . well . . . shows! :-)

Oh yeah, we did pretty well again tonight with the hat.

We even beat last night . . . but not by much.



Take: $166

Current Total: $713.99

We actually have two shows to go. There is an early show on Sunday, and an evening show.

We're hoping that the two shows combined will push us over our take from last year. Even if they don't, this has been a great success for the club!

Pictures should be coming soon, and I now have three shows worth of video to work with, so I will put together something for that as well.

Great work guys!!

David Sallee



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