Sunday, August 05, 2007

Much Ado - Twice on Sunday

Well, we wrapped up the Juggling Shows by doing 2 of them today.

The early show was at 12:30, and looked like it was going to be a very small crowd. As it was, we only had about 35 (if that) in the audience.

We went ahead and did our show anyway, and had a great time. Though the crowd was on the smallish side, they did have a good time and really enjoyed the show.

We of course had a great time as well, and the weather was excellent too. A bit more sunny than we're used to, but at least the sun was in a good spot, so even though we were passing in the bright sunshine, no one had to look into the sun :-)

Routines went quite well and when it came time to collect the money, the small crowd really came through.

In fact . . . the $20 comment (thanks Ed! :-) paid off and we actually got a $20 bill from one of the people watching.

All totalled, we made $61.50 for the club! Looked like we might actually make more than last year all together!


Take: $61.50

Current Total: $775.49

Ahhhh . . . the last show . . .

Gotta make it special somehow, right? :-)

We did present Scott (the director) with a gift certificate to American Dream pizza. It's really nice that he allows us to do the opening shows. Hopefully we can continue this relationship, as it helps our club so much and I think really helps people pass the time before the actual show starts.

Anyway, with last show in mind, we all went out and gave it our best.

The beanbag routine went pretty well, once it got started . . . heh heh.

Had some fun in the 5 ball section. Threw a 75751, and then threw a 97531. Granted the crowd had no clue what just happened, but I was excited and Crizzly and Comstock were pretty impressed as well. Been wanting to throw that in sometime, just haven't "felt" it. Was feeling it for that routine :-)

Basketball was flawless, and the club passing went really well too.

As far as shows go, it was a great way to end our run.

Plus, we did well with the take!



Take: $126.51

Final Total: $902

So, we managed to beat last year's total by nearly $100 :-)

A fantastic start to the convention funds! We are still in the process of figuring out if we're going to have an '08 convention or not. If not, then we will have an '09 one, and that will allow us two seasons of shows to help build up funds.

So, special thanks to all those involved.

Thanks to Crizzly for actually being the Front Man for the show!
Thanks to Comstock for being the basketball star and picking up the club stuff so quickly.
Thanks to Erin for helping out with the collections :-)
Thanks to Brenda for filming the shows!
Thanks to Mitch for doing the sound and helping us jugglers out with our requests . . . heh heh.
Thanks to Scott for inviting us to open for the shows!
Thanks to the fine audiences of Corvallis (excluding the Wednesday crowd of course) for proving time and again that you really are the BEST audiences for juggling shows!

My personal highlights:

33 catches and clean finish of 7 balls . . . goooooooooo me!
97531 on the last show . . . yeah baby.

The "smoothness" of all three of us interacting with three clubs . . . pretty cool and a nice crowd pleaser :-)

Anyway, I'll be working on the video as soon as I can, and hope to even have something ready for a BBQ at Comstocks on Friday. Will it get uploaded by then? Stay tuned . . . heh heh.

David Sallee



At 8/05/2007 10:18:00 PM, Blogger Ed Provencher said...

Very impressive hats this year! Congratulations to all those involved. What a great relationship to have with the outdoor theatre group. I hope you all can continue that as it provides a wonderful opportunity for you to perform, promote the club, and make money. I'm looking forward to the 97531... do you actually shout "yeah baby!" when you pull it off? That might have clued them in on the difficulty of that move. :)

At 8/06/2007 08:29:00 AM, Blogger David Sallee said...

Yep was a really good run :-)

In "theory" we're booked for next year as well (Mid Summer's night dream). Plus, they will be doing the show for the next 5 years . . . so I would think there's some good potential for it to be a long-standing thing.

There were some auditory clues thrown in by myself as well as Crizzly. Did they really understand, nah, but it was the last show, so fun to throw in anyway . . . heh heh.

The clean run of 7 was met with more reaction.

In the process of moving over footage, so I hope I can get something put together soon.

Would have loved to have you with us in the show Ed, you would have had a great time :-)



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