Thursday, September 06, 2007

Boys and Girls Club Show

Well . . . teaching and show :-)

Chris Comstock and I participated in the Day Camp for the Boys and Girls club, which means teaching 4 sessions of juggling and then performing a show for the entire camp.

Was a lot of fun. Each session was around 30 minutes, which seemed to be about the right amount of time. Out of each group (probably around a dozen per group) there were at least a couple that were able to juggle by the end, and a few more that would be able to juggle if they had a bit more time.

While lunch was going on, I just threw things around to keep warmed up and have some fun.

We had 30 minutes for the show, and had a lot of fun.

Kept the show pretty simple.

Belt System for juggling (Good Old Reliable :-)
Basketball Routine (Nearly as Reliable)
Closing Club routine to our standard closing music.

Kids really enjoyed the show (as did the adults) and overall it was a lot of fun.

Good warmup for our upcoming events as well!

No video of the experience this time. Next video on the list of "things to do" is a large Wedding Video type thing, that includes lots of juggling and a pretty good variety of stuff. Will be rather long though so I doubt too many people will want to watch it . . . heh heh.

Anyway, more updates of stuff coming!



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