Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Oct. 1 Kid's Show

Our first Kid's show in our 7 week "gig" went very well.

There were 13 kids in the after school program, which will be the ones that our group will be teaching on Wednesday.

Location is Hoover School out on Walnut.

Show was kept rather simple, which always makes it easy.

Did the Belt Raiting system, followed by the basketball routine and finishing off with the club routine.

We were a bit rusty with the clubs, but the kids enjoyed the show.

Currently, Crizzly and Chris Comstock are set for teaching, with other interested individuals encouraged to join them for the fun :-)

The program should be a great way to get kids interested in juggling and also earn the club some $$$!

We also had a great turnout for our Monday group meeting. Am really looking forward to Thursday!

Have a fantastic day and see ya soon!

David Sallee


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