Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Upcoming School Shows - 2008 (Stars Program)

Here's the "tentative" list from Comstock (which is probably the actual list as well).

I will be able to make all the Shows, but won't be able to go to the Teaching ones until Pool Season is done (End of Jan.)

Mt. View - Jan. 7th (Show) - Dave & Crizzly / Jan. 9th (Teaching) - Crizzly & Comstock
Adams - Jan. 14th (Show) - Dave & Crizzly / Jan. 16th (Teaching) - Kelly? & Crizzly
Jefferson - Jan 23rd (Teaching) - Kelly? & Crizzly / Jan 28th (Show) - Dave & Crizzly
Wilson - Feb 4th (Show) - Dave & Crizzly / Feb 6th (Teaching) - Kelly? & Crizzly
Garfield - Feb 11th (Show) - Dave & Crizzly / Feb 13th (Teaching) - Kelly? & Crizzly
Hoover Jr. - Feb 25th (Show) - Dave & Crizzly / Feb 27th (Teaching) - Kelly? & Crizzly
Hoover Sr. - Mar 3rd (Show) - Dave & Crizzly / Mar 5th (Teaching) - Kelly? & Crizzly

I know that Comstock is able to make a couple of them. Crizzly? Anyone else?

I'll go ahead and write up some sort of show for the Show portions. I've got a few ideas and since it might be a solo show on the 7th, I'll see what I can put together :-)

Our only potential empty spot is the 9th of Jan. I can't make it to the teaching portion, and Kelly will still be settling into classes, so we'll need someone to fill in for that day.

Happy Holidays to everyone, and Let's see how it goes next year! :-)


(Updated with more info - 1/16/08)


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