Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A tale of two shows . . .

So, the 2008 STARS season is here!

Crizzly and I worked over the break to come up with a brand new show for the season.

Basic outline is as follows:

Diabolo Routine to Music
Review of 3 Ball Stuff
4 Ball Trick Demo
Beanbag Interaction to Music Routine
Club Passing Talk / Demo
Club Passing to Music Routine
Passing Clubs around a Teacher - Teacher in Peril :-)

We've done two shows thus far and they have been quite different.

The first show, totally felt like a "first show" . . . heh heh.

I started out by forgetting my handsticks, so we had to skip the Diabolo routine.
The 3 / 4 ball stuff was a bit hectic
The routine wasn't overly polished, so we had many "pausing" moments
At least the club stuff went well and we had a lot of fun passing around Comstock.

The Second Show . . . what a world of difference!

Opened with the Diabolo (actually had the sticks :-) and that went well, just one mess up
The beanbag stuff was fun, and we decided to do some "side-by-side" comparison juggling which I think worked great.

The Beanbag routine to music was sooooooooooooo much smoother. Still has room for some fine polishing, but really coming together nicely!

The club stuff went well too.

Plus, it was as if the kids were "in" on the show. One asked, "Can you guys pass clubs to music?" Well . . . as a matter of fact! :-)

We selected a young lady from the group (teacher young lady, not student young lady) and passed around her for the final. Crizzly spent most of the time passing trying to brush past her ponytail . . . heh heh. When we switched to two-count (everies) she got a bit more nervous.

All in all, it was a lot of fun, and when things go smoothly, it's right at 20 minutes. We could extend it a bit by doing some 3 club interaction. We had a bit of that in the last show, but we could make use of it again / extend it for the new run.

We have the 21st off as far as shows go (MLK Day), so we will be back at it with shows on the 28th in Jefferson.

David Sallee (Reporter in the Field)


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