Friday, April 04, 2008

Did you know....

We occasionally post videos to google video!

Ok, you probably knew that much.

We even have a RSS feed link to them for you!

Ok, you may have even seen that as well (over there in the right hand column of this blog).

Here's something you might not have realised yet... Do ya have iTunes? probably - it's very common (as it can manage very large music collections easily) and is free to download... if you open that RSS feed link with iTunes, it turns all of our posted videos into a podcast for you. Thus, it will download a copy of the posted video to your system, and you can set the usual options like the frequency it checks for new vids, and so on.

Several folks have done just this, and are very pleased, so I figured I'd pass the idea along for everyone! :)

Cheers! --Crizzly

UPDATE 2008-11-30: It seems the latest version of iTunes (8.0.2) has broken the ability to grab the videos for you.. *pout*


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