Thursday, May 22, 2008

Best wishes for the injured...

Thursday night while we were in McA, one of the rifle thrower military guys (color guard?) got impaled in the right forearm by a bayonet while rehearsing for their upcoming performance. Two of his colleagues rushed him off to the hospital for treatment, and I helped the other two lock up the rifles before they left to join the others.

I thus extend my best wishes to the poor young man, with hopes for a speedy recovery [and that he will not shy away from juggling in the future].


UPDATE Oct08: We talked to the guy... he's fully recovered and has a sweet scar from it (well, some folks are into that sort of thing!)... He is working with the newest team of the rifle thrower folks as the [or one of the] leads, so, that's good to see he took it well and is moving on with things just fine. :) Also, we're trying to get the team to do a little something at our convention... should be fun! --Crizzly


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