Thursday, May 01, 2008

Next few thursdays: placement issues...

So, turns out there is a little kid roller hockey team that is paying to rent out the hard surface area of McA for the next few weeks... While they were nice enough to let us stay the first time, we were very distracting for the kids, so, in an effort to give jugglers a good name (and they are paying, and we aren't so it only seems right to us), we are going to hold the next few somewhere else.. ok, we're not sure where really.. if the weather gets nicer, outside will be an option, but this late winter and windy days are not making that easy yet. The engineering building is also an option, but dropping clubs on the floor indoors there may be a bit too noisy for our tastes...

So.. "the plan"... Meet at McA and decide where to go.. we can try various areas each night, let alone each week... *shrug* Suggestions anyone?


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