Thursday, February 12, 2009

PNWJC'09 T-shirt design -- opinion please!

So, we've worked really hard on the t-shirt design for this year (as the logo itself will be our 'timeless logo' design for our letterhead, etc). The only thing left is to choose the font we want to use! :) To that end, *please* go to our convention blog and cast your vote for the font(s) you like most. You can check more than one option in your vote, so pick the ones you'd be willing to have on your shirt, not just your absolute favorite option. :) Also, we are having a meeting tomorrow night (err, make that later today really), so if ya can click it, the sooner the better! Here's the direct link:

T-shirt design options and poll

Thanks everyone! It's looking to be quite a good event so far - we're looking forward to seeing everyone there again! (and yes, it's still free to everyone, including the main show!)

Cheers! --Crizzly


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