Thursday, March 26, 2009

Intro to 7 club passing variations

I needed to put together a curriculum for our workshop, so, what better subject matter for the latest installment in our blog's Technical+Siteswap corner!

[Keep checking back, as I will be updating this more (if I have time to) before the convention]

From video:
4-count: triples
3-count: doubles
2-count: singles, triple/single, doubles
1-count: singles
< 4p 4p 3 | 3 3p 4p >

To demo:
"12 down" [right hand sync'd: 4-count trips, 3-count trip/doub, 2-count to one side, 1-count doub/single]
"6-3-6" [right hand sync'd: 2-count, 1-count, 2-count to other side, 1-count, ...]

Handout [print highlights, share electronic copy]:
Passing7_only3+4: web page or .xls format
3pplPassing10_only3+4: web page or .xls format
Passing8_only3+4+5: web page or .xls format



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