Monday, May 11, 2009

Upcoming Juggling Shows


Crizzly and I had a good show for the Roller Derby Half-time Performance over the OSU Mom's weekend, and we have some more shows coming up!

We'd like to get everyone that is interested in performing involved, so feel free to show off some of those mad skills at our upcoming shows.

Show 1 - Relay for Life Midnight show!

This one is being held in the MU Quad (yes, outdoors :-) on May 15th at Midnight! Tradition has it that it rains at this performance, so we'll be prepared once again . . . heh heh.

The performance tends to be as "free form" as we get, so the more diverse the participation the better! It sort of works out to be a "Juggling Jazz Jam" with some music going and some improv stuff.

I'm putting together a playlist for the event to download onto my iPod. If the weather is good (yeah right), I'd like to start the show by doing a globall routine with the new toys to "Midnight" by Yaz. Figure the next song would be "After Midnight" by Clapton. Crizzly and I could recycle some of the Roller Derby routines if needed.

We're looking at a 30 minute "show", with some teaching follow-up.

If you've ever wanted to get up and perform, this would be a perfect, low stress opportunity!

Show 2 - Physics Fund Raiser Show :-)

Wow, a paid gig!

We've been asked by the Physics Department, to do a short show / teaching at their physics picnic on June 6th. Trick is to incorporate physics and juggling into a show. Thankfully, that's rather easy as we're going to focus on Site Swap, and teach the mathmatics behind the juggling.

We'll chat more about things, but might go with a "simulator" approach. Keeping it moving, short and entertaining is our best bet. Plus, bringing lots of excitement to get people interested in learning to juggle as well!

All money will go directly to funding the next juggling convention (currently scheduled for 2011).

With the lack of Shakespeare shows, the more paid shows we can get, the better!

Show 3 - 4th of July show in Lebanon.

Just plugging my own show. Will be working the grounds and doing a stage performance once again for the 4th of July Celebration in Lebanon. Usually a 30 minute show. Typically toasty, and with a rather low ceiling (which you wouldn't expect for an outdoor event . . . heh heh)

Those interested in checking it out, mark your calendars now!

Guess that's about all the updates I have for the moment.

See you at juggling!!!

David Sallee


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