Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bard in the Quad

It's soon going to be that time of year again :-)

We have been asked to open the performances by the Bard in the Quad folks. This is an excellent opportunity to raise funds for our juggling convention (PNWJC).

I'm really excited about it and look forward to getting something worked up for the show. We have several people available for doing shows (Brenda would even like to do something!) so I think we can have a lot of fun and entertain the crowd as well.

Performances are on the following schedule.

Aug 5 - 9 & Aug 12 - 16.

We'll probably go on at 7pm and go until 7:15 / 7:20.

The show is 12th Night, and the "Theme" can be found over on their website:


Let's brainstorm some ideas and see what kind of show we can put together!!!




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