Saturday, August 15, 2009

Best Night, Best Crowd!

What an awesome crowd we had tonight :-)

You know it is going to be a good night when the crowd is huge, and they are really responsive. When I first came out to say that the OSU Juggling Club would be doing the pre-show entertainment, we got applause . . . heh heh.

I introduced Crizzly and Brenda and they got applause.

The Radio Program got great responses and nice groans at all the right times :-)

Brenda's bounce routine was once again spot on, perfect with the music and super smooth.

The diabolo went well, managed to get really lucky with the high throw in the wind. It drifted quite a bit on me, but I was still able to catch it, and the audience always seems to enjoy that moment . . . heh heh.

Oddly enough, the start of the club routine was a little glitchy as the music didn't start at the right time. Brenda was able to get it going though and we were back on track.

Did the end speech and Crizzly had a new twist on the "side bet". We waded into the large crowd and it was a good thing again that Brenda was with us to help with collections.

Took quite a while to count things up this time. Did get another three $20's. So that's always a great way to start things :-)

Broke all kinds of records tonight and have to adjust our goal in a upward direction!

Keli was generous enough to help film the show, so now we have two copies of the show from different perspectives. We'll get one more show taped on Sunday and I'll see if there's anything I can do with the footage.



Day's Take:
$316.17 (Yes, we made over $300!!!!)

Overall Take:

If we were to reach $2K we'd need to break some more records and take in a little over $450. Hopefully we can reach $1750 at this point! However, at this point, we have exceeded all expectations and are really happy with the way things have gone :-) This will go a long ways in assisting for paying for the 2011 convention!



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