Sunday, August 16, 2009

Final Night . . .

Well, that's a wrap :-)

Our last show for the run has come to an end and we've had a great time!

Ended with a near flawless show as well, so it was a great one to finish with.

Crowd was a bit smaller than last night, but still had good energy and helped us move over the $1750 mark!

Special thanks to Gibby and the entire Bard in the Quad staff for allowing us the opportunity. It was very beneficial to our fund raising, and gives us a fantastic start towards the 2011 convention. We're really hoping that we can do it again next year :-)

Also special thanks to all the performers for a job well done. Congrats to Brenda and Kristen for getting out there and doing their first juggling performances! Well done!

Crizzly, way to be a solid passer, and always fun to perform with. We'll get you out there doing the "Shakespeare" routine one of these days ;-)

Just think how great the next time's show will be!

Here's the details:



Day's Take:

Overall Take:



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