Saturday, August 08, 2009

Four = Fourtunate

Much better show tonight.

Had a few drops, but overally it went a lot more smooth.

Crowd was nicely responsive to the Radio routine. I switched out for a newer string for the Diabolo for this time's routine, and guess what . . . it broke!

Broke a bit further away from the end this time, so was again disappointed with the results of that. For tomorrow, I'll be using Brenda's sticks and string which is as new as I can get.

I do have some backups just in case as well.

Had just a couple of drops during the club passing, but the 7 clubs went really well. The hat lines worked great and I'm a bit more used to the mic now, so that's good as well.

Plus, we set a new record, which is always enjoyable, including receiving a $20!!!



Day's take:


So far, things have really exceeded expectations. We're also getting a lot of "Thanks" from the audience for us providing a "Pre-Show". Let's keep it going!



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