Saturday, August 08, 2009

Third time not quite the charm . . .

So, coming off our best show, we followed it up with our worst one.

Not that it was horrible, just not quite up to the standards of the second show.

What went wrong . . .

Weather was a bit of a factor. It had been overcast the majority of the day, but the sun decided to pop out and wreck a little havoc during the performance. Wind was a bit of a factor but not too bad.

Things started ok. Used the mic for the first time during the opening, and it went well, just have to get a bit more used to it :-)

Shakespeare routine went fine.

Kristen did the bouncing for us tonight and that went ok as well (Brenda enjoyed the night off). Granted it was a first performance kind of thing, but really not too bad.

The Diabolo routine was where things started to fall apart. Had another snarl during the string climb (almost tempted to leave it out at this point) but worse, I had a string snap. Towards the end of the routine, I was suddenly without a string between two sticks. I was left with a stick, and a whip . . . which isn't quite as useful for doing the Diabolo :-(

Ended the routine there and moved into the club finish. Had a lot of drops there as well. Some of which were really pointless.

Stumbled a bit on the end speech as well.

One of those, if it could go wrong, it did, kind of shows.

Wasn't expecting much from the take, but we were pleasantly surprised.

I'm certain that the next shows will be better. In a way it's nice to get that one out of the way :-)





Day's Take:

Overall Total:

Typically, the weekends have bigger audiences, so we'll see if that holds true again this year.



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