Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday's ROCK!!! :-)

Had a fantastic show tonight! Quite a bit more people than last night, and there was a lot of energy in the crowd as well.

We were down one person as Brenda was feeling quite a bit under the weather due to bad allergies, so Crizzly and I came up with something to fill the 1 minute 38 seconds of time.

Since I use that time to change out of my costume, we needed to figure out something that Crizzly could do for just a bit before I came out and joined him.

Decided to go with some 5 ball trick stuff, and it actually worked out just fine. However, we're both hoping that Brenda will be feeling up to doing the bounce routine during that time for the next show :-)

The Shakespeare routine went well, and the audience was nice and responsive. We pumped up the volume a bit and I think that helped.

The diabolo went well too.

The club routine (look it's a trend) went well. I had some silly drops during passing, but overall it was fun and the crowd enjoyed it.

Did the closing speech and then handed the mic over to Crizzly to cover the "side bet" idea. Must have worked as we managed to pull three $20 from the crowd again :-)

Took a bit longer to cover the crowd with the two of us, and there were a few times when I thought we had everyone covered only to find some people holding money aloft . . . heh heh.

Overall, it was a great show and we were able to break two records in one night.

We managed to take in the most in one night we have ever done, plus, we have exceeded our best year's take as well.


Day's take:
$203 (yes, we broke $200!!!! :-)

Overall take:
$1041 (yes we broke $1K!!!! :-)

Now if only we could have three more shows just like that! Gooooooooooooo Team!!!!



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