Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Upcoming Items . . .

Summer is almost done, which means we get to go back to our normal activities . . . however, before that happens, there are a couple items left to go :-)

September 18th, Juggling Fund Raising Show!
Timberhill Dental Tailgater
Location: 2356 NW Professional Dr.
Performance: 6:45 - 7pm

We'll be doing a short performance with a bit of a dental theme for a company in Corvallis. Will add another $75 to our convention funds.

September 25th - 27th - Portland Juggling Festival
Pricing: $35 General Admission
$28 - Student with ID

It's always a lot of fun and a great way to see some really inspiring juggling!

Too bad the price for the convention isn't like our's ;-)

October - 3rd - Walking around Juggling gig in Sweet Home.
A paid gig / fund raiser for the club. See Dave for more info if you're interested in participating, limited spot (yes, just one at the moment) available :-)

Other than that, really looking forward for the school year to get started and see our numbers grow.



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