Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Welcome New Students!!!!

To those that have found this blog via one of the mini-flyers.


Feel free to look around and check things out!

Along with the new school season, we have new opportunities to learn lots of cool new stuff and share interesting and fun ideas with each other.

The weather has been looking really nice as of late (though a bit on the cooler side) so we might be out in the quad on Thursday from 6 - Dark.

Otherwise, we'll be in the McAlexander Fieldhouse from 6pm - 8pm. Typically we go grab food at some local establishment and chat about juggling or any other topics after the club time is done. You are welcomed and encouraged to join us and have some fun!

If anyone has any particular goals in mind for their juggling, just let us know and we'll see if we can come up with ways to help out! Personally, I'd like to make a new 4 ball video with all sorts of interesting and somewhat "experimental" 4 ball tricks, so if you have some suggestions or such, bring your ideas to the next meeting and I'll give them a go!

Thanks to everyone that visited the table in the Quad on Friday and braved the rain :-)

Looking forward to seeing you at the club meetings!

David Sallee


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