Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Upcoming Shows

We have some gigs that you can catch us at coming up soon.

We will be performing at the opening day of the Corvallis Knights Baseball team. There are lots of possibilities with this gig.

Performance opportunities include:

Juggling before the game to entertain the crowd before they enter the stadium.
Juggling on-field with a 5 minute performance before the first pitch.
Juggling during the game in the beer garden area or any other area where people can see us.

We can stay as long as we'd like and pretty much do whatever :-)

Performance is on Tuesday, June 15th.

We're also going to be opening for the Bard in the Quad again this year.

That's our primary fund raiser for the FREE CONVENTION, so we'll be putting together a nice solid 15 min performance. Ideas are already bouncing around and we'll go with the same concept that we did last year, recording all the audio beforehand which makes it move much smoother.

Brenda and I are ready with our Duo routine, and I think some of the Baseball routine will work for our finale. I'll also be writing / recording the "story" portion about juggling scenes in some of Shakespeare's more known works. In the process of fleshing that out already :-)

Hope everyone is doing well and can get out to the events to lend us your support!

Have a fantastic summer!

David Sallee


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