Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Bard in the Quad 2010 - Show 1


A great start to the season!

We met up at the Kelley Building early to do a dress rehearsal in a building with no wind issues and some nice A/C ;-)

Warm up and practice went fine, so we headed over to the staging area.

Got set up without any problems (thanks Gibby!), tested the sound system and ran through a few last minute blocking ideas.

Weather was rather nice for the show. Not too hot, and the wind was minimal, which is always a good thing for us :-)

Brenda, our official time keeper let me know when it was time to start and away I went.

Intro speech went fine and we started up our new Romeo & Juliet Juggling Version routine.

I really liked the way this went. The audience seemed to "get" the jokes and I think it has a nice amount of variety / silly stuff going on with it. Crizzly and Kristen played up the Romeo and Juliet parts nicely, and Zeb attacks his part with some amazing vigor . . . heh heh.

Before the run of shows are over though, I think Crizzly and Kristen will be a bit too good at Poi for what the show calls for ;-)

The transition into the Duo routine was smooth. Brenda had an amazing recovery during the routine and if it wasn't for my collision on a three up go into 5, we would have had a drop free routine. I'll nail it next time.

Finishing off the night was our club routine with Crizzly, Kristen, and me (David). It went really well and I was quite pleased with how it turned out.

The crowd was about what I would expect for an opening Wednesday, but they were enthusiastic and made performing for them quite fun.

I gave our closing pitch before passing the hat and the $20 line has already worked! :-D

Brenda was our big money maker tonight pulling in not just one $20, but TWO. We won't mention how much Crizzly wound up collecting . . . heh heh.

Total for the night - $120.42

Again, a great start to the season. One down, Nine more to go! :-)



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