Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bard in the Quad 2010 - Show 3

Saturday – All Systems Go!

A bit overcast with the weather, which allowed us to do a fair amount of performing closer to the crowd. Did have to move back into the shadows after the first routine though as the sun started to show itself through the clouds.

Had a really nice crowd on Saturday. Energetic, and into the show. Show went pretty smoothly and everyone is adding some nice touches to the show. I had a few drops, and missed the three up into five with the duo routine, but came much closer.

Did have an awesome save during the seven club portion, catching a pair upside-down and fixing one with a self toss, and the other with a thrown one and a half spin to Crizzly.

Sophie was nice enough to film the show again, this time with Zooooooooom :-)

When the shows are all done, I’ll cobble together the best bits and put together a video. I think I’ll really enjoy getting all sorts of different angles to play with during the editing process.

One thing that is new this year is the Bard in the Quad group is providing pre-show music, so while we are waiting to go on, we get some fun music to play around with ahead of time.











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