Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bard in the Quad 2010 - Show 4

Sunday - Wrapping up the first week of shows

Sunday morning had lots of rain, but by mid morning, it was starting to get sunny and warm. We were a bit concerned that the wet ground might reduce the number of people, but it seemed to be holding pretty consistent. To me the crowd seemed a bit more noisy / less attentive this time, but it could have just been my perception. Show went pretty well, I finally had success at the three up, so I was happy with that. We did have some crashes with the 7 club finish, but did our best to play it up anyway :-)

Chris Comstock (former president of the juggling club) was visiting so he got a chance to check out the show and even contributed to the collection. The night’s take wasn’t too bad with it being $140 even.

I think everyone is going to enjoy a couple days off to recharge and be all set for the Wednesday show. We’ll be working on the “alternate” show on Monday, so there isn’t all that much of a break I suppose, but we’ll have to get that one going as we’ll be performing it on Saturday!











Overall Total:


Oh, since we’re at the “half way” point of the shows, I thought it might be nice to put the collections into perspective.

2006 - $383 ($76.60 avg per show)

2007 - $314.99 ($52.50 avg per show)

2009 - $744.80 ($148.96 avg per show)

2010 - $657.96 ($164.49 avg per show)

Considering we’re one show down, we are actually averaging over 2009’s collections.

We’re also just $150 off from catching the entire 2006 run, and $250 off from catching the entire 2007 run. Would be hard pressed to catch last year’s total, but we will certainly give it a go :-)

The second Wednesday of the production run is traditionally the lowest in collections, so we’ll see if that holds true again this time. Personally I’m going to attack the show with all sorts of energy!



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