Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bard in the Quad 2010 - Show 5

Traditionally the second Wednesday of the production run is the lowest with regards to amount of funds collected. This year, we changed that trend! :-)

Things are going to get rather toasty soon as temps are forecasted to be in the 90's as we go into the weekend. Thus, I decided to wear a short sleeve shirt and Brenda skipped wearing a vest for the performance. Keeping cool on stage is a bit more important.

It certainly helped me, and I think Brenda was more comfortable as well. We had quite a bit of wind this time, which actually made the 6 club sequence a challenge. However, the wind showed mercy and dropped down right as we started up our 7 club stuff. Had a really nice run of 7 clubs and the audience was great!

Sophie was kind enough to do the filming again, and got some great shots in the "over the shoulder behind the performers" angle.

It was a great way to kick off the second week of performances. Everyone is adding their own nice touches to the performances and I think everyone is having a good time. We even got some practicing in for the "B" Show which we will be performing on Saturday. I know Zeb is very excited, and I'm looking forward to it as well. We're still getting a few of the final details for the finale done, but I think it will come together quickly.

The first part of the B show is pretty well ready, as Zeb keeps getting better and better at passing 7 beanbags (both 2 count and ultimates).

So, we'll keep the good vibes rolling and keep the energy up as well!




$179.91 (first year we have surpassed $100 on a second Wednesday!!!)

Overall Total:
$837.87 (We have now passed the entire run of 2006. 2007's run, here we come!)



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