Monday, August 16, 2010

Bard in the Quad 2010 - Show 8

Hey hey it's the "B" show!

Brenda, Zeb and I met up and practiced the show quite a few times before heading over to the Quad. It was super hot during the day, but things cooled off quite quickly as our performance drew near.

All of us were quite excited about performing the show, and even Sophie was excited to film it. I hoped the jokes worked for the crowd and there are some tricky sections that I really hoped we could pull off.

Things worked great!

The cigar box section went pretty smoothly. Almost nailed the rotation trick, and managed to save it ok.

Brenda's throwing from three into 4 into 5 into 6 section worked really really well. Did a collect into multiplex that kept things going long enough for her to throw in the 7th beanbag. The crowd really enjoyed that section, which got them prepared for the Duel between Zeb and I.

Once the Dueling Banjos music started, the crowd response was awesome. They laughed, and then started clapping along with the music. The fell apart a bit towards the 7 ball passing end, but it fell apart to comedic effect, which is what we wanted anyway.

The finale to "Company of Fools" was a hit as well, and kept the show energy up and rolling.

All in all, it was a very fun performance and everyone did great!!!

It was also our highest night of collections, even though we didn't break $300 like we did last year on the final Saturday (I blame the heat).



$250.44 (Woo hoo, broke $250!!!)


Look at that, we've already broken $1500!!! Great job everyone!



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