Monday, August 16, 2010

Bard in the Quad 2010 - Show 9

Well . . . it's the last show.

Crizzly left a message stating that his back was still giving him problems and that he and Kristen were still in Portland, so we readied the "B" show to finish on. After Saturday, we figured we could do that.

The final Sunday is usually a bit of a smaller crowd (as was the case this year too) and the added heat probably made the crowd a bit smaller too.

Also it turned out to be a rather rough show. I was quite droppy, messing up the Box section, messing up the Duo section to the point where we struggled to get back on track. I even messed up my Diabolo section of the Finale (clearly I was going for the Trifecta :-)

Brenda and Zeb soldiered on and carried the show. Zeb was the shining star tonight, really kicking my booty during the duel and had an awesome seven ball collect at the end of the duel to seal the deal . . . heh heh.

Very glad he was there to take up some of the slack I was producing.

Sophie helped out on camera again, and we used her for the collections too. I'm sure it's a good thing we did as after that show I knew our collections would be down. Still a great run of shows and a much needed boost to the funds for the convention!!!

Zeb (shining star!)




Some interesting notes:

We managed the entire run without ever having a night under $100. First time ever!
Our per-show average was actually HIGHER than last year even though we made more last year. $186 per show avg. compared to $177. Probably would have topped last year's take with one extra show :-)
We now have over $4K towards our convention!!! Fantastic!!!



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