Friday, August 06, 2010

Bard Show Number 3 . . . or is that 2?

Back on track tonight! I kept a close eye on the Bard in the Quad website and there were no cancellation messages (yay!)

So, we met up at six for our pre-show warm up and then headed over to the location.

Seeing the stage all set made us quite happy as well :-)

Tonight we were joined by Sophie who was kind enough to do the filming of the show.

The amount of wind we were experiencing was a bit of a concern. There are only a few elements that are very prone to wind issues, but one of them is an entire 7 club passing sequence that lasts for quite some time. So, we figured we were in for some challenges, but can't dwell on the things we can't really change.

The crowd was a fair amount larger tonight (as to be expected) and right away, they had some really good energy. There was one lady in the crowd that really enjoyed the jokes in the routines and that made things quite fun for us! :-)

The first routine went really really well. Crizzly and I were even able to do some sword battle and have the clubs hit each other . . . heh heh. The duo routine went pretty well, I messed up the three up in to five again. I'll have to dedicate some extra practice for it tomorrow.

The finale club passing went rather well too. It was amazing, but right before we went into the 7 club portion . . . the wind . . . died down. This made things waaaaaaaay easier!

I did the end speech and Crizzly did the "Side Bet" addition. Just one taker in the $20 suggestion, even though it was two $10 bills :-)

Really good group though as we probably had some combined crowd from the cancelled show the day before.

We did break $200 for the night, which is awesome! Let's keep it going!

Zeb and Sophie decided to stay to watch the play. We're looking forward to hearing a full report tomorrow night from Zeb and Monday from Sophie :-)




Overall: $332.84



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