Friday, August 06, 2010

The Curse of No-Show #2

Ahhh . . . wouldn't be "The Play that should be mentioned" if there wasn't some sort of curse involved with it, right?

Well, for night number two, the curse struck.

We were to meet up at 6pm at the Kelley building to go over the show again. Brenda and I got there and set things up and Zeb arrived soon after. Brenda and I went through our duo routine, and then the three of us headed over to the Quad. We were discussing if we needed to run though the Alternate show as it looked like there was a possibility that we would need to perform it.

As we get to the quad, we noticed something quite unusual. There weren't any staging for the show. All their "props" were gone and the stage was rather bare.

Never a good sign :-)

Well, it turned out the curse had struck them, and their lead was out sick, so the show had to be cancelled. We're hoping that he will be feeling better for Friday. Crizzly and Kristen were late as Crizzly managed to injure his back and was having trouble moving around.

This curse stuff gets pretty serious sometimes . . . heh heh.

Well we actually went through the show at the right time on stage and had a few people watching us practice. Passed the hat, and while we didn't make any money, we were treated to some rather yummy blackberries (thanks Sophie!)

We'll give it another try on Friday and hopefully everything will be back on track!

Not sure if they will be adding any shows to make up for the missing one or just skipping over it. My guess would be if they have to cancel another one, they will add more, but since it was a Thursday show, they might consider just skipping it.

David Sallee



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