Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Club Information Update - Fall / Winter 2010

Sooooo . . . if we're not official . . . does that mean we're Rogue? :-)

Due to changes to club requirements, we are no longer an official OSU Club. Not sure when our e-mail address will expire and such, but the Blog is apart from the University, so we'll probably keep this going.

At the moment, we're still meeting as there is still a fair amount of interest in juggling and we'll be increasing the number of jugglers in the group soon as well.

We have been making use of the Kelley building common space for now, but are on the lookout for a better location (so if people have suggestions, we'd love to hear them!)

Times are currently the same as well. 5 - 7pm on Mondays, 6 - 8 on Thursdays. My time on Mondays is usually 5:15(ish) to 6:30(ish) as I have work, and then bowling league during the winter.

Additionally on the first and third Mondays, the Corvallis Juggling Group meets at Wilson School. I believe their time is from 7 - 9pm, so it is possible to go to both twice a month!

Also, those interested in a juggling teaching opportunity, there is an "open house" at the Kelley building this Saturday (starting at 9am and going until 6pm) where people are invited to share diverse skills and talents with others that might be interested. We were invited to participate by teaching juggling. Food is provided, so if people are interested, let's meet up on Thursday and go over a few things. I've got plans already this weekend, so I'll have to pass, but it sounds like a lot of fun, and free food is always welcome :-)

Looks like we're in transition at the moment, hopefully we get things all figured out and find a nice stable location to continue all the juggling fun!

David Sallee


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