Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Dave Sallee Practice Video & Box Performance

Here is Dave Sallee's practice video on the net! Great work Dave!

Here is Dave's Practice Video

St. Patrick's Day Show (Box Routine)



At 3/30/2006 12:10:00 PM, Anonymous David Sallee said...

Thanks for getting the link out there Ed!

Here's a list of tricks in the vid, in case people were wondering . . .

One hand / arm 5 ball start. Two are held, the other three are balanced on the arm. Should cause a "97531" effect for juggling.

5 ball low pattern

Odd 5 ball trick attempt (first time trying it)

7333 with 4 balls

Odd 5 ball trick practice, which was one of those random things to try. Toss one high, then do "something" with the rest of them (696612)

4 ball shower into 4 in one hand into 4 ball shower (sweeeeet :-)

More of the 5 ball trick

4 ball weave (that day was the first time I tried it)

7531 with 4 balls

7 ball one under the leg - so close to maintaining that one

7 ball run (around 30 catches I think)

4 ball shower with multiplex

More 4 ball weave

4 ball Machine

Things that weren't on the video.

7441 with 4
633 with 4
4 ball box attempts

Not bad for a span of 40 minutes.



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