Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Stickman 4.0 Video

The video of the Stickman 4.0 routine from the Tricks of Light Show (hosted by Neon Husky - at the IJA 2006 Convention in Portland is now live.

I did a bit of minor editing on it.

First, figured I'd cut out the MC (yeah, you can all thank me later).

Second, I cut out the terrible start that I did (3 drops right off the get go).

Third, I ended it a bit early cutting out a few more drops.

The video quality from my camera isn't the best. The strobe balls tend to play havoc with the focus. My eventual goal is to reshoot the entire routine under better conditions, but it will probably be a while (if ever) I get that done.

I did have the "moment" that I wanted. There was a moment when I was juggling where I realized that I was juggling on the main stage of the IJA. It felt great at that point :-)

Since it appears that the Portland Fest is not going to happen this year, I'm VERY glad that I decided to do the show.

Special thanks to Antje for keeping me company during the day.

Brenda, for being the president of the Stickman fan club :-)

Ryan for being in the front row and rolling back the green glowball that had escaped.

Ed, his wife, and Grandson, for making the trip up and supporting the performance.

And of course my parents, who have continued to support and encourage my crazy passion that is juggling. Love you guys and thanks for keeping me going :-)

It was quite the experience!




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