Wednesday, December 31, 3000

OSU Juggle Calendar

We tend to meet in McA if the weather is bad, otherwise it's the MU quad.
Look for us or check the conditions in the quad here:

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New name, new page! :)

So, we have changed our name to "The Corvallis Throwing Department", or, "Team CTD"... as such, we have a new contact page which we will hopefully try and migrate more too, as it seems everyone else is on FB now :)

Please check out our not-a-lot-of-content-yet-but-will-be-soon page here -->

Thanks, and we look forward to your continued support during this name change! :) --Crizzly and all of Team CTD

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Club Information Update - Fall / Winter 2010

Sooooo . . . if we're not official . . . does that mean we're Rogue? :-)

Due to changes to club requirements, we are no longer an official OSU Club. Not sure when our e-mail address will expire and such, but the Blog is apart from the University, so we'll probably keep this going.

At the moment, we're still meeting as there is still a fair amount of interest in juggling and we'll be increasing the number of jugglers in the group soon as well.

We have been making use of the Kelley building common space for now, but are on the lookout for a better location (so if people have suggestions, we'd love to hear them!)

Times are currently the same as well. 5 - 7pm on Mondays, 6 - 8 on Thursdays. My time on Mondays is usually 5:15(ish) to 6:30(ish) as I have work, and then bowling league during the winter.

Additionally on the first and third Mondays, the Corvallis Juggling Group meets at Wilson School. I believe their time is from 7 - 9pm, so it is possible to go to both twice a month!

Also, those interested in a juggling teaching opportunity, there is an "open house" at the Kelley building this Saturday (starting at 9am and going until 6pm) where people are invited to share diverse skills and talents with others that might be interested. We were invited to participate by teaching juggling. Food is provided, so if people are interested, let's meet up on Thursday and go over a few things. I've got plans already this weekend, so I'll have to pass, but it sounds like a lot of fun, and free food is always welcome :-)

Looks like we're in transition at the moment, hopefully we get things all figured out and find a nice stable location to continue all the juggling fun!

David Sallee

Monday, October 11, 2010

Lebanon Feast Results

The whole gang went over to Lebanon to do some teaching and a performance for the High School's annual fund raiser for their Band and Choir programs.

The "Feast" was set up with and hour of "Faire" time, followed by a show.

Brenda, Kristen, Crizzly, Zeb, and myself all attended, with special guest Andree :-)

The teaching went pretty well, and we got several visitors to our booth, as well as used the opportunity to stay warm for the show.

Our portion of the show went very well. I started us off with the "Billy Shakes" routine, followed by a short 3 ball routine to some music. Then we performed both shows from the Bard in the Quad series. During the musical portion of our "Alternate" show, the students along the side of the wall really got into it and were dancing away. Was a lot of fun to see and made for a great moment :-)

The crowd was great and very energetic.

The stage was actually quite nice as well. Ceiling just high enough to handle the triples during passing (7 clubs) and the floor solid enough to do the bounce routine without any problems.

Food was pretty good as well (yes, we will juggle for food ;-)

I think this show concludes the season for us. I have a couple more events lined up, but as far as group shows go, I think it's pretty well done.

We will continue to meet up for juggling as best we can. Out in the quad as long as the weather is good, and in the Kelley building when we can as well.

We should also consider coming up with some sort of clever name for the "Troupe" that we can use for future events. I'll miss the OSU Jugglers though :-)

Looking forward to getting back to doing some "fun" juggling and not have to worry about rehearsals ;-)

David Sallee

Monday, September 20, 2010

Whiteside Jam Results

Due to weather issues, they moved the event inside.

I think the weather really impacted the number of people that attended the event. There were not a lot when we got there (about 45 min early) and they were running behind (an extra 30 minutes). So we took the extra time to check out the venue and then do lots of fun juggling to music in the back of the room.

The ceiling wasn't too bad, but took out any throws higher than a "7" (so no 97531 during the five ball sequence :-)

Zeb and I had a good time, with Brenda working the camera. We'll see if there's some good stuff to pull out from the 18 minute performance. Zeb clearly put in a lot of effort during his three ball routine to Jammin'. Had a good flow to it and a nice relaxed vibe. The diabolo was a good hit, and I had a great run of 7 balls on stage towards the end of the show. Figured, why not give it a go :-)

I'll have to check the video and count the catches.

Students should be coming back next week, so we'll see what the next step for the group is. Plus, we will have Tim return to us! We're really looking forward to seeing him again and getting a chance to do lots more fun juggling!

If the weather is good today, we'll be out in the quad, otherwise, we'll take over the Kelley building. It's a bowling night for me, so no club passing until Thursday.

Additionally, this coming weekend is the Portland Juggling Festival. It's held at Reed College in Portland. Usually a lot of fun, so if you're into juggling and want to have a good time, I strongly suggest you go! :-)

I'll be there throwing progressively easier tricks as the weekend goes on and the body breaks down ;-)

David Sallee

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Whiteside Jam Performance

We will be helping out the Whiteside Jam Fundraiser ( this Sunday by doing a 20 minute performance.

Show will be from 3:30 - 3:50 in "The Grove" :-)

We'll be filler entertainment between "Future Roots" and "O Horizon".

The event looks like a lot of fun and should be a blast.

Come on out and support the theater as well as supporting us! :-)

See ya there!

David Sallee